Explore Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Brands 2020

This is Era of Brands and everyone looks for a good brand. If you are looking for the best brand to buy your laptop, then you are at right place.

There are so many brands in the market but only some are popular and reliable. It depends on your preferences. I believe one should invest in a device which lasts for a long time instead of buying a cheap one and then buying again after a few months as previous one-stop working properly. There is a vast market of devices which makes it difficult for buyers to select one.

An average person cannot decide which brand to buy, but it requires research which can only be done by a professional. Here are the Top 10 best laptop brands.

Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in the market:

#1- Apple

Who is not aware of this brand? It is the most famous brand of this decade. Macintosh is surely one of the luxury brands for smartphones, tablets and Laptops. Unlike other brands, Apple has its own Mac OS that comes pre-installed on all its devices.

If one can afford, they should definitely buy Apple Laptop. The reason it’s everyone’s favourite is it being user friendly, Touch ID, Memory, Battery and Power, Size and Weight. Some people love it for its attractive looks. Just a Logo on backlit is enough to show off your standard. Businessperson prefer it for its durability and battery. If someone is looking for a portable and lightweight device it’s also perfect for them.

#2- Dell

Dell is an American multinational technology company and provides a wide range of electrical devices.  After Apple, this can be the best choice. In past, it was not considered as good as now. What changed their reputation and reviews were their XPS series. Fair prices, durability and professional design are the features for which buyer prefer it. Dell series; Inspiron, Xps and Alienware are good Laptop series to choose or stick to. Long-lasting batteries and powerful processors are features most people look for and they can find these in Dell laptops.

#3- Lenovo

Lenovo Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based technology company whose laptops are considered as most premium laptop brands but their prices are slightly higher than other manufacturers. College students, businessmen or gamers, anyone can use this laptop smoothly.

Thinkpad and 2-in-1s keep your professional work smooth and you can rely on your laptop for your target orientation. High-end processing, cutting-edge touchscreen, graphics and pen support to long-lasting battery life, ThinkPad keep your data productive and error-free.

#4- ASUS

If you want a good Laptop in budget then ASUS can be a nice option for you. The reason of affordability can be their in-house manufacturing of motherboards. What makes it a good laptop is its hardware quality, course motherboards, HD display and storage devices. They offer budget notebooks to high-end gaming Laptops. Gamers prefer ASUS ROG over MSI Alienware machines. 4 hours of battery life attract buyers.

#5- HP

Hewlett-Packard is another popular brand for a laptop that is based in the USA. This is one of the oldest Brands but is still used for normal use and by professional gamers. If you are looking for attractive looks then this is not the right choice for you. If you are looking for a laptop for basic work or in the budget, then HP is good option with good hardware, display and performance. The reason it is less famous and less in news is no innovation in devices. Their famous series is Aspire in which Aspire S7 is amazing.


Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational electronics corporation. You can keep yourself productive with this laptop which can be used for work or study. It is known as the largest manufacturer in the world. Their Chromebooks are listed as one of the low-budget devices in the market. In simple words, you get what you pay for no. Their new invention is Predator Triton 500, Aspire 7 and Predator XN3. If we compare it to Dell, Acer has high processing speed and is mostly compatible with any OS. Acer Swift 7 is considered as best Acer laptop with features; Display size 15.60 inch,1920*1080 pixels, Core i7 processor, 8 GB Ram and lightweight of 3.06 kg.

#7- MSI

If you are a gamer, MSI is a good option for you. With a limited budget, we won’t recommend it. The prices are high but worth buying. Their thin laptops make it easy to carry. The best thing about MSI is that it offers free accidental-damage protection which makes it a one-time investment product. Latest Features include eye-tracking sensors, unique gaming keyboards, thins devices, high-end graphics cards and latest hardware. One of the minus points is that they don’t have any laptop with pre-installed Linux and support for Linux.

#8- Microsoft

Microsoft is another one of the oldest computer brands in the market. Microsoft Laptops include; NEW Surface Go 2, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, NEW Surface Book 3, Surface Pro etc. Microsoft is used by over 90% of computer users. Their newly introduce laptop is Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is slim, light and powerful. HP also depends on Microsoft and on windows for its PC business. Microsoft includes many useful applications like Skype, MS Office, One drive, OneNote and Outlook. It is best known for its window operating system.


It is one of the oldest companies who have a large variety of electrical devices. World’s first commercial laptop was launched by Toshiba in 1985. It is known as all-purpose laptops and can be an excellent choice for daily normal use. It has all basic operations like browsing, chatting and watching your favourite shows. They are cheaper options for people looking for an average laptop in the budget for their daily day-to-day- work.

#10- Samsung

Samsung is the most famous name in the world of technology. It is known for its vast range of smartphones, tablets, television, refrigerators and air conditioning. But if we talk about laptops, this South Korean conglomerate has failed to impress users. They need to improve their processors, ram and whole operating system. Their only popular laptops were ATIV Book 9 pro and ATIC Book 9 Plus and. They even need to introduce new models as very few options are available in Samsung mobile. I would never recommend a Samsung laptop even if you are getting at a low price.

Now, it depends on your priority and requirement. You will surely choose one according to your usage and budget.


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