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Recent and prospective newcomers to Canada should take the opportunity to review this helpful guide on nursing jobs in Canada. Suzanne Greaney spent over a decade working as a nurse in Canada to provide invaluable insights for this guide.

One of the greatest opportunities that a Bachelor Degree in Nursing Science can provide you is travel. Nurses have always traveled the world, but some countries may be more popular now than others. Australia has been a popular place for nurses for decades, and her sister country, Canada, is getting more so. As we enter the 2020s and beyond, being an international nurse in China might become an increasingly attractive proposition.

I’ve always had a passion for nursing, and I knew it would take some hard work to get there. So when I qualified as a nurse in 2013, I never considered looking for nursing jobs in Canada. After one year working in Australia, I realised the distance from home was too far and moved back to Ireland.

Beyond Canadian immigration, there are other important things job seekers need to be aware of in order to be successful in the Canadian nursing industry. The first is that international credentials will need to be assessed and you’ll need to become licensed in Canada. That’s not all; procedures differ from one province or territory to another which means you should have a destination or two in mind as you do your research.

Job postings for nurses in Canada

You have a lot of experience in nursing, but how can you convert it into a fulfilling career in Canada? That’s a tough question! Let’s find out.

The process of becoming a nurse in Canada

If you’re interested in working as a nurse in Canada or the US, you will first need to get your NNAS. The first step is to register with this onlineLatest Nursing Jobs in Canada service. You can do this before arriving in Canada if you’d like, or once you arrive.

The process of registering with the NNAS includes completing a form online and providing your demographics, education, professional experience from the previous five years, and declaring which nursing organizations you are currently or were registered with in the past.

If you’ve studied abroad and are seeking nursing jobs in Canada, you will need to apply to the NNAS (nursing midwifery authority).

The registration fee is not cheap ($765). You need to send copies of your identification documents (passport, birth certificate, etc) and have people who are relevant to you within your college, previous employment or related nursing bodies complete the forms. The registration process also provides an online tutorial with videos. You have one year from the date of registering with NNAS to return all necessary documents.

One year is the standard time it can take for a National Occupational Registration Process (NRORP) application to be approved. Once you are approved, you’ll then be able to apply for licensure in your destination province of Canada.

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