Sneak peek into Top 10 Furniture Brands for your Living Brand

Home is the best place. It makes you feel safe and loved. Coming Home is one of the best feelings and all of us want our homes to be the best place to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family. Home is much more than just bricks8. After construction, the main thing that comes in mind is Furniture. Now you have to decide on a good brand for your furniture.

Choosing good furniture for your new house or upgrading your Home Furniture, in both cases you need to choose the right brand for your furniture to make it long-lasting and to make your home look attractive and stylish. There are different brands on the market. It depends on your budget and style or theme of your Living room. If you want to upgrade or buy furniture for your living room then we are here to help you decide the best brand as per your needs.
The following are the best Furniture brands we have listed after detailed research. Each brand holds some specific qualities or features.

Get to know about best living room furniture brands

The aim is to help you in choosing the right brand for your furniture. Most of the brands will offer a complete package with a proper theme for your living room. So, stay here and get to know about each famous Furniture brand for your next furniture selection.

#1- Restoration Hardware

Known as RH Company, this is on Top of the list.0020. RH is an American home-furnishings company. Their style is very antique and architectural. If it comes to innovation, they are on Top. It is a luxury brand and offers a large variety of furnishing. Their modern and customized sofas are famous. But if you have a low budget, this cannot be the right choice for you. Prices are very high. If you are looking for dining room furniture, check their catalog.

#2- Roche Bobois

Roche Bobis is a French company famous for its high-end furniture brands and distribution. People always wait for the launch of their new collection every 6 months. Roche Bobois works with a number of designers and architects to create its amazing collection. Their color combination and unique designs make them attractive furniture. They offer customized furniture and ready to sell both. They have different shops in Europe. Cushions, rugs, beds, wardrobe, dining chairs, and sofas, they sell all.

#3- Edra

Edra was found in 1987, today it is known all over the world its fine quality of furniture. This is highly recommended furniture brands. The sofas, armchair and all other products are very well designed and make you feel relax and special by sitting on it. It has always been in the news of the designer’s world for its exclusive and timeless variety. A large variety is available which lets you choose according to the architecture of your home. Edra has earned a unique place in the furniture market due to its unique designs.


It is an Italian company of Furniture and design that explores different aesthetic and layouts options and proposes furniture solutions that range from bookshelves to wardrobes, from sofas to tables, from beds to complements. You can choose your own design and they will prepare your custom made cabinetry for closets, bookcases and much more. Their showrooms are in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They maintain their high quality and introduce new designs according to the client’s taste.

#5-Christopher Guy

They never compromise on style and elegance. They have amazing, vast variety for your living room. You can find all available designs on their web page. Christopher Guy is famous for its classicism. Their living room range of collection provides luxury seating. From Portobello to Garnier-pet bed, you can find a great seating collection on their website. A product of this brand deserves to be in your living room.


This Italian company deserves to be in Top 10 for its creativity, glamour, and innovation. They turn plastic into amazing furniture. Kartell is famous for its plastic quality. Take a look at their designs and you will find their collection worth bringing home. Their A.I. collection made from recycled material is unique, light, and versatile in style and can be a perfect choice for your indoor and outdoor area. Bubble Club sofa is one of their famous ad high selling products. Their stores are in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.


Founded in1995, Baker is known to be the most stylish brand. At the start, they introduced collection made from hand. After a lot of hard work, they gained success in the field of furnishing and changed their strategies and gradually they earned a good name in the furniture market. They introduce new fascinating collections every season. They have a large variety of stools, chaises, chairs, sofas, and ottomans. Their table and accent collection will make a great combination with your selected sofas or chair. They usually focus on traditional furniture designs. Amazing quality, craftsmanship, and design have ranked it at number seven.

#8- Brabbu

Brabbu is a luxury brand founded in 2011that is famous for its divergent range of furniture. It makes your way of living stylishly with their appealing and comfortable collection of furniture. Brabbu designs and produces products that look close to nature. You feel forces of nature through their designs and texture of the furniture. They believe that the world’s memories are inside nature which they try to carve in furniture. They choose fine quality material for making products.

#9- Boca do Lobo

It was founded in 2005 and was soon able to impress the public by its good quality, designs, and fascinating art designs. You can fill your house with both art and furniture by just bringing their furniture home. We highly recommend you to check it’s catalog. Their design is so appealing that you will prefer staying at home than going out. Boca do Lobo is known as an expression of emotions and arts. Their elegant design can be the perfect choice for sensitive art-loving people.

#10-Fendi Casa

The Fendi Casa was created in 1988 when Alberto Vignatelli and Anna Fendi came up with the idea of furnishing environments. Their Margaret Armchair and Kelly armchair are one of their famous setting products. They focus on the design of each furniture product deeply in order to provide elegant and beautiful furniture for your house. Fendi Casa is an interior project that foreshadows new modern living concepts.

So, just see catalogs of all above mentioned Top 10 brands and decide your living room furniture today.

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