Top 10 Best Apps For Video Editing In 2020

Top 10 Best Apps Used For Video Editing

It is the nature of human beings to be attracted to anything eye-catching. This trait of human nature is amply exploited by most of them who are trying to create something new. In today’s world, it is common knowledge that whether you are marketing for a multinational business, planning to wish your friend on his birthday, trying to get famous on Instagram, or making a YouTube video, you should do it in a way that attracts the eye and tugs at the heart. A good way to do so is to make a spectacular video with vibrant colors, beautiful shots, and meaningful messages. The type of video differs from the requirement of the task.

In the past, video making and editing seemed far too professional to be done by any other person. But today, if you simply own a smartphone with a good quality camera, you’ve got all you need to make and edit a video. Simply download a video editing software and you are good to go.

Below is provided a list of the top 10 best video editing apps of 2020 and their brief descriptions. Read till the end to know about them all.

Top 10 Best Apps Used For Video Editing


A free video editing software that is available for both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to edit your video in three steps only. Firstly you would have to choose the style you want for your video. Secondly, you would select the pictures you would like to be added. And lastly, you would add music from the app’s built-in the music library. You can deliver the idea you have in your mind in the best possible way through this video editing software. There is always the option of upgrading the app to premium or professional by paying a small amount of monthly fee.

Wondershare FilmoraGo:

Seems like the developers of this app specifically considered the amateur users while making this app. This app is best suited for the basic users who just want to make a beautiful video with not so many complications. The app’s free version is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Apart from adding music to your selected video clips and pictures, this app provides an Effect store from which you can add intros, themes, and transitions to your video. In the free version, a watermark is also added to the edited videos which can be removed by purchasing the app’s upgraded version.


This video editing app is also for both android and iOS users and is free to download. It’s a pretty simple app and its best features include trimming, speeding up, and adding filters and music to videos. A background can also be added to the videos through this software.


It is a cloud-based video editing software. Available for iOS and Android devices, it has a free version with watermark and paid versions also. As compared to the previously mentioned editing software it has some advanced features including audio editing, a playlist of licensed music and it can also share videos in 4K resolution which is an advanced feature.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

This video editor for Android and iOS is also free and very popular among the users. It synchronizes the selected audio to the video automatically and then the rest of the editing is all customized by the user himself. You can share the edited video directly to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.


Blender is an exceptional video editing software for desktop. It has very advanced features useful not only for video editors but also for 3D animation creators. For video editors, this app provides many features like filters, transitions, adjustment layers, speed control, adding effects, etc. There are 32 slots available for the addition of images and video clips to be incorporated in one video. The videos are also without any watermark so this app is ideal for making professional-quality videos. You can edit videos for your YouTube channel with the help of this app.


Lightworks is again an app for desktop and unlike Blender, which is free, it has two versions; a free version and a pro version. The Pro version needs to be bought and unlocks some even advanced features but the free version does not lag inefficiency. It has very advanced features and is hands down one of the best apps to edit high-quality videos for professional purposes. The free version provides more than 100 effects and supports multi-cam editing. Whereas, the pro version unlocks features like stereoscopic output and advanced project sharing.


Developed by GoPro, this app works on desktops, iOS, and Android devices. Panorama, time-lapse, themes, effects all can be added in the projects through this app. More than 20 built-in themes are present and it can add up to 75 images and video clips in one project. Ideal for GoPro camera users, this software can edit video from any source.


This app is free on almost all mobile devices. It provides trimming, merging, speeds up, slows down, and reverse videos as well as images. it works fast and saves a lot of time. Another feature of this app is that it provides many lenses that could capture images for editing directly in the app. Also, it comes with a slide show and a collage maker. Highly recommended for content creators for their professional work.



Kinemaster is an adaptable app as it flexes according to the need of the user. The most highlighting feature of this app is that a user can do multiple layer editing that means a user can add boundless text, audio, videos, and even handwriting on the surface. For customizing the background it has a feature double-exposures that can be used to mix and create different images. It provides you with trimming and splitting feature for simple editing.


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