Top 10 Largest Shoe brands in the World

The shoemaking brand companies are going all out to provide exquisite and enthralling products and that’s the reason that people are becoming more and more conscious whilst opting for the brand. Because of their fashion sense and look attractive and stand out in society, not only to match their outfits but also look appealing. Whereas, people nowadays also try to opt for a specific brand of footwear to a specific occasion.

Moreover, opting for a particular brand is highly notable when it comes to grooming since most people notice your footwear at the first meeting, whilst that people tend to grasp the idea of your fashion sense and knowledge regarding trending fashion style. So, that being said selecting the right brand for yourself is vividly important for giving out good and stylish vibe in the society.

Also, whenever you have to choose a specific footwear brand you always go through their distinctive features for likely, style, material, price, comfort level, durability, weight, and brand name too. Along with this, you have to also keep in mind whilst wearing the specific type of shoe as, every situation or occasion can lead you to opt a different brand of the shoe as they have their own distinctive needs, for example, if you are in sports festival you’ll look for a brand that provides you comfort level and durability for running or doing any type of activity and style is like one of least priorities but when it comes to formal events you’ll go for the brand providing the slick design with the resplendent look overall.

1. Nike

Nike is the best brand when it comes to the number of sales it provides throughout the year around the whole world, it’s so ample to be on the top shoe brand and make its name more stand-out around other brands. Also, it’s one of a most recognized brand with billions of dollars multinational worth company especially around the year of 2018 they made their name at the top brands and are renowned in having the most captivating, stylish and durable shoe brands not only this but they also have flexibility and comfort level because of cushioned lift.

When it comes to the origin of this brand, it’s an American corporation that was established in midst of 1900s (1964) by the help of co-founders or colleagues named Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. The main branch of this brand is situated in Washington, America and from there they export numerous products throughout the world as this brand is highly prominent. Nike is also linked in with a lot of accessories, sports equipment, and apparel not only this but this brand also has recognized name when it comes to marketing, selling, and also designing the products.

Not only this, but Nike brand believes in the patronage of celebrities that’s why this brand has also sponsored a lot of renowned personalities like Neymar, Tiger Woods, Ronaldo, Rory McIlroy, and Ronaldhino. In addition to this, the Indian cricket team has been sponsored by Nike since the year of 2005. It shows how this brand, wants to support and encourage their employees to work in the developmental phases of the company and themselves in the community.


Reebok is one of the other eminent brands which comprises the specific features to enhance the ability of people focused on fitness by giving them that taste of running an extra mile without any issues and comfort level of heaven, this brand specifically has made illustrious selling and name in the room of giving traditional and fitness products not only this but their design are also captivating, whereas it was founded in 1958 by Jeff and Joe Foster. The headquarters of this brand is situated in the city of Boston in America. Reebok also believes in supporting celebrities like Mahendar Singh Dohni and Gigi Hadid, they were part of sponsorship by Reebok and Indian national team “Kolkata Knight Riders” were also sponsored by Reebok.

3. Adidas

Adidas is the type of brand which provides the extra comfy feels when you wear these shoes. But it doesn’t stop there they also provide you a plethora of other attributes such as attractive looks, versatility, and flexibility because of it’s material. This brand has been manufactured by the top level of technological methods and has made its name in one of the most prominent shoe brands when it comes to sports, daily life, and running shoes.

This brand was initiated in 1924 by a German named Adolf Dassler. Adidas deals with its marketing and import/export through its headquarter based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. To enhance their brand’s marketing they had ties with celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Kevin Peterson, Ian Bell, Lionel Messi, and many more.

4. Puma

Just like Adidas, Puma is also German originated company established in 1948 by Rudolf Hassler. This brand also gives out one of the best skating shoes, sports shoes, and casual shoes that you can wear in daily life use without any issues. Puma’s brand signed multiple sponsorship deals with celebrities like Colin Jackson, Virat Kohli, Boris Becker, and a lot of others.

5. Jordan

Jordan is a dazzling brand of shoe and will set quite an impression on others if you wear them in daily life. This brand is highly known for its fashion sense and durability not only this almost every Basketball player to wear these in official matches. This brand was originated in America by Michael Jordan in 1984.  Jordan sponsors WNBA, NFL, NASCAR, and MLB.

6. Vans

Vans is the most seamless and aesthetic type of brand. This brand is also stylish and comfortable to wear with durability and having sponsorship deals with notable events. Also, they dealt with the creation of many skateboarding parks.

8. Converse

The converse brand can be easily found anywhere and is known by almost everyone. These shoe brands have made their name in every household because of it’s features and prices. The converse shoe brand is smooth, rounded toe, and are highly comfortable.

9. Lebron

Lebron brand has always made its name under the basketball field as its sub-brand of Nike under renowned basketball player James LeBron. These shoes are highly built to have solid durability and exquisite design.

10. Bostonian

New Balance brand is the epitome of functionality and stylish looks. It’s one of the premium shoe brands providing countless features that will get you hooked such as high-quality material, durability, comfortable level, and exotic shoe. New Balance as a shoe brand is loved by lots of famous celebrities like Matt Reid, Dale Steyn, and Mathew Wade. In addition to this, this brand also promotes the National Football Team of Panama.

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