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Top 10 Most Played Cool Math Games for Kids

The word math brings such horror with it that even adults get anxiety and shivers. Believe it or not but the maths phobia is very common among the people. There are several solutions to overcome fear. The best way to do it is to engage your children with mathematics from childhood. Other than that many other ways include math games for children. A very clever way to develop a child’s interest in math is to engage him with math games. children will learn without getting bored. Even adults can also play these games to overcome their fears. The listing below the top 10 most played cool math games for kids.
cool math games

BBC School Radio Maths

This game is designed for children aged between 3 to11. BBC has always constructed a wide variety of materials that help adults and children to learn. It provides many cool math games for children that include Counting Songs, Maths Challenge, Maths Challenge 1, Maths Challenge 2, Megamaths, etc. these games are specially designed for children aged 3 to 1. Playing this game can help children to adopt the basics of maths with fun. Children are rewarded and praised that motivates them to take more interest in maths.

Grand Prix Multiplication

It is one of the cool math games as it has levels according to the grades of students. Teachers can also relate it to their curriculum. It divides its games into six different classifications; Add and Subtract, Multiply and Divide, Shapes and Graphs, Pre-Algebra, Fractions, and Money and Time. All games offer competition against other players that would build a sense of doing better in children.

Prodigy Math

It’s free for parents and their children to make an account for this. Parents can keep track of how is their child’s performance. The prominent feature of this game that makes it now of the top cool math game to play is that it is classified or organized according to the grades. It starts from grade 1 to grade 8. Parents are updated on how their child is doing and where does he need improvement. Parents can set a goal and rewards also they can have access to the data.

UnderWater Counting

This game is designed for children(age 2-5). There is a scuba driver in search of the hidden treasure. Every correct and would drive him closer to the treasure. This game is a very good option for children to recognize and use numbers.  Only numbers from 1-10 can be used. The Player has to answer 10 questions correctly to find the hidden treasure. There are two levels of the game designed according to the ability of the child.

Khan Academy Kids

This program covers not only maths but also reading, writing, language, etc. It is free to download available on google play, apple store an also amazon AppStore. Helps students to do creative tasks and developing social sense. It gives access to parents and teachers to detect students’ performance. Khan academy kids have a youtube channel where they teach the basics to the children. It helps children to clarify their concepts and background knowledge

One Step Equation

The theme of this game is based on basketball. So it would attract children. Children have to solve an equation that would give a chance to their player to make a basket. The game focusses more on equations rather than just playing basketball. It is designed for 2 players also so the children could play against their siblings or parents. Children find algebra the most difficult and this game can let them overcome their fear of algebra.


It is one of the coolest math games. It is designed as a universe of math and the player has to go in and solve questions. designed for students of age group 5-16. This site has many other math-related games. These are divided into categories according to skills, numbers, and trivia.

Number Conundrum Decimals

In this game, the player is required to build a tower by correct answers only by using decimals and fractions. It would help the player to develop the correct sense of subtracting and adding fractions. They will get to know more about denominators and numerators. each block of the tower is the answer to the sum. The game becomes more difficult as the level rises. A math playground game it is. designed for kids aging from 10-12.

Math Games

This site provides many games relating to maths. It is for the kids between 3-14. You can search for games by skills. It has more than 20 skills including ratio, money, time, etc. thousands of games are there on this site making it possible for all the children to between kindergarten and eighth grade to find games according to their needs and level. Not all games are free, some have a premium membership that you have to buy for  $3.75/month. They offer different subscription offers as well.

3D Shapes Icecream Attack

This game is based on geometrical concepts that allow children to identify different 3d shapes. So basically in this game, the player has to stop the sun from melting their icecream. game’s part in this game. It has games for children from preschool to 5th grade moreover it is very useful for curriculum. All games come with a guide of the topic so its easy for the children to grasp the concept. All games are free, you just have to make an account to get access to the games. Furthermore, it has all types of games like reading, coding, writing, etc.

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