Top 10 Saddest Deaths in Dirilis Ertugral Drama

Top 10 Saddest Deaths in Dirilis Ertugral Drama

So, I have been watching this drama serial from a long time. It is an amazing series, as I have watched almost all the seasons. Also, my all family members are loving this serial as it is full of intense scenes as well. As many death scenes are here in this drama, and this is the best ever drama one could watch, having lots of information.
And here I am telling some deaths that are so intense, actually the scenes are so heart touching. Here is the list of top 10 intense deaths in the series.

Suleyman Shah

He was the father of Ertugral, his death happened at the end of Season 1, it was actually very sad as someone from the family of Dirilis Ertugral died for the first time in the serial. His death was very sad, as I personally felt the emotions from my heart. He was the leader of Keyi tribe, and his death was a great loss for them and he left an empty space in his tribe.

His death was in fact expected in the serial from the very first episode.


Ahh, actually the death of Ertugral was not happened in the series as a lot of you would say, but many times in the serial there was the fake news of his death was spread and the people of his tribe also mourned him as well. These scenes were very emotional, as he was the real hero of the serial.

His death actually did not happen but as he was the leader of Kayis, so his family and the people of his tribe mourned him and the scenes were very devastating and sad.


His death basically happened at the end of season 2, he was a teenager, so his life span was too short and his death scenes were very sorrowful and devastating. As I, personally got very emotional on his death because he was very young, also he spent his whole his in fear because people want to kill him for the purpose of political gain and their own profits.

We can say that his death was useful for him as if he did not die at the point, someone else could kill him and he had to spend his whole life in this fear.

Samsa Alp

If I do not mention his death, my list will not be completed, as he was one of the powerful and brave alps, who lost his life fighting to save the life of his people. He sacrificed his life for the sake of Allah Almighty, his death is a great example for everyone. His death is in fact a heavy blow for all of us, his death was full of sorrow and emotions.

Deli Demir

His death happened at the end of season 2, his death was one of the saddest and devastating deaths that ever happened in the serial. He was in fact a light hearted banter and his death was a great loss for all. He was a kind-hearted person for young and old all. He was in fact a great story- teller of his tribe.

As, whoever has watched this serial knows that how much the Kayi people loved him and his death was a great loss for them.

Suleyman (Junior)

It was a great death that was devastating for the tribe, his death happened in the season 5, he was in fact the namesake of Suleyman Shah, the son of Selcan and Gundogdu. He bore a huge torture from the people and his death happened in a very young age, that was too tragic.

It is actually the most traumatic death in the serial and his death was a great loss for his tribe and his family.


Her death is too sad and traumatic, also full of tragedy. The great tragedy was that she was killed in front of his husband and she was always used in various conflicts of the tribe. She was the character in the serial who grows up with various challenges she bore during her whole life.

The great tragedy was that she was newly married and died in front of her husband. Her death was very devastating for her family and a great tragedy as well.


She was the wife of Turgut and she had an early death that was full of tragedy. Her death was too devastating that I still remember her at the end of season 5. Her death happened at the early start of season 2. She was in fact a strong warrior and too skillful.

She is in fact the most favorite character of everyone who is watching this serial. She was a strong woman and a real human being.


Turgut, Bamsi and Dogan were the real strengths of Ertugrul. But amongst them, Dogan is the purest and gentlest soul who is very kind as well. He was very calm and sincere to his partners. His character was very heart-touching and also loved by everyone. His death was a great loss for his partners and his family as well.
He was a young person and he also left his young pregnant wife alone in the world.


It is the saddest death and very devastating loss for the tribe. It was the worst death and most memorable death of whole series of DirilisErtugrul. Her death was too tragic that she had a young son, her character was very strong and powerful as well. Her character is loved by everyone. Also, it is the favorite character of mine as well.

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  • Aykiz’s death happened unexpectedly coz it was not shown how she died, When Ertugrul asked how is sister aykiz, turgut said that the mongols burned her alive!

    I hope I am right.