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Top 10 Safest Countries Ranked by Perception

Safety counts 10 fingers, 2 toes, 2 eyes and 1 nose. This is all the human attribute and safety means protection of human as whole, protecting human rights. Safeguarding the rights of every person living. Eliminating the wrong doings. And one who undergoes all such things is regarded the safest country in the world.

The article rank many countries as the safest based on the survey and by the perception. The safest country protect person on the streets. Moreover, it protects from wrongdoings and street crimes.

Here is the list of top 10 safest countries in the world:


A country known as Swiss Confederation. Is one the nation that undergoes many phases of its government policy it got independent from Roman Empire and later was led as federal government? It is one the country that is neutral to all its aspects. In addition, it is the country where people are given all the rights and this country has the lowest unemployment, highest GDP per capita of the population, and almost all individuals are the skilled labors that improves the progress of the nation as a whole. The economy of the country is boosted by low interest rates in the country. These all factor collectively make the country one of the safest zone to live in and it is one of the wealthiest nation so every person enjoys the freedom of their choices in every perspective.


A North American continent country that has sparse population and diversity among them. It is well known after Russia and stands second largest in number. In addition it encourage its population to enjoy their cultural. It has introduced multiculturalism in their country. Canada stands second in safest zone because people are encouraged to live a happy and carefree life free from all crimes and evil doings. It protects people as a whole and turn out to be the safest country.


A country in Scandinavian Peninsula. It is one the leading oil exporter in the nation. It has high income and due to being the exporter it has been one of the rich economy nation that has boosted its economy as a whole. It is an independent nation as was separated from Sweden because of a referendum. The country has a high number of populated and every individual is protected and its rights are safeguarded.


A nation consist of 2 islands named as Faroe Island and Greenland. This country comes as the safest country because people living there enjoys every right. People living there have free education, they are provided with good and free medical health care facilities. In addition it has been ranked as the highly safest zone for people. The government and the social system is incredible and very strong and progressive one.


It is one of the wealthiest country to live. And it has all the rights and is considered to have the best economy as a whole. It has a high GDP rate. And the progress of society is so good that I has become the safest place. It has high market based economy. People living there are so well protected and given every right and enjoys all the benefit and facilities to live in the country.


A country with independent parliamentary democracy. The country progressed by improving its growth rate. The country has well developed export system of many factors and it has boosted its economy by expanding the tourism rate and education expenditure. It has high GDP rate. And is the safest country to facilitate people.


A European region country having capital named Stockholm. The country has GDP of 53,652 dollars. The country is the safest country providing rights, with good education system, a country free from all crimes and is a good government policy system, the society is improved and care for others right. That is the reason it stands safest country to live and visit.


Finland is a bilingual functions as a parliamentary democracy country possess good progress in is providing good education. Giving rights, freedom of equality and protecting the civil rights and when all this world collectively. It turns out to be the safest place. The country has good and cooperative government to protect people living out there.


A country rich in cultural heritage. This country has rich musical trend. Moreover it provides all the rights to people. Justifies every people by providing equal rights to the people of the state. The country has high GDP rate. In addition, it has top economic sectors in industry and agriculture. It has expanded its tourism and become the tourist destination of many people. Due to being the safest it is liked by people.


A Western Europe country. Famous for three rivers named Rhine, Meuse and Schelde. The country is blessed with many beautiful places and in addition to it, it has well known museums that became the attraction of many people for tourism. The country protects every right of people visiting and the people of the country are given all the rights and are given every benefit to make the country one the progressed nation. It is ranked as the safest because people love to stay at the place due to free of any crime or any evil acts.

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